levantine za’atar bites


For those familiar with this traditional Levantine speciality, it is well known that these bites come in different sizes and can be prepared using different types of doughs and za’atar mixtures depending on regional and even personal taste preferences. But this beautiful treat will rarely disappoint you.

The recipe I’m sharing today in this post will yield in beautiful little za’atar bites that are incredibly crunchy and delicious and which will literally melt in your mouth. The dough is amazing and versatile (more recipes to follow soon), and can be prepared in no time (well almost, we are talking doughs here;)). I have no doubt that once you try this recipe, you would want to make it every time.

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wild thyme


زعتر [zaatar]: one of the dearest Arabic words to my heart that refers to either 1) thyme which is a very aromatic and rich herb widely used, fresh or dried, in the Levantine cuisine or 2) a beautiful blend made of dried zaatar, sumac, salt, and sesame seeds as main components yet with different recipes varying from one kitchen or cook to another. You will find zaatar almost in every Palestinian, Jordanian, Lebanese and Syrian household and it is usually, and proudly, served with the finest of olive oil for fresh bread to be dipped into both for breakfast or at anytime of the day, really.