sesame & tahiné bites for unorthodox Christmas truffle cookies


سمسم [simsim]: For centuries, the heavenly seeds of sesame have constituted an indispensable ingredient in the pantry of the levantine household. Let it be seeds, paste (tahiné) or oil, with a light nutty flavour to them, sesame seeds are an important component for the making of many of the levantine dishes.

The famous tahiné, which is made out of sesame seeds, is a wonderful thick and rich runny paste used for the preparation of different levantine dishes varying from sweet to savoury. Tahiné is a traditionally versatile ingredient, and so, while it can work its magic in sweets, it is also a wonderful companion of savoury dishes such as fish and meat.

And besides all the magic that comes along with tahiné, it happens to be one of my favourite ingredients to use in the preparation of different kind of foods. And I can tell you our pantry never runs out of tahiné, things are that serious! 🙂


pear almond torte

pear & almond tart0026

Pears and almonds are a match made in heaven. They go so well together that it is almost impossible to get the flavours wrong. Add cinnamon to the formula and well, what more can I say?

To be quite honest, I was not planning on making any tortes this week but since we had far too many pears, delicious ones, at home, I was worried they would perish before we get the time to actually eat them, it felt bad to waste these precious fruits when there was a torte that could be baked 🙂

Ingredients are simple and recipe is super easy to follow.

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