forget about calories…let’s talk cheese!

Baked Camembert -0221

A very important staple in the cuisine of many nations around the world, cheese most probably is as old as history. It most probably came as a result of the man’s desire to preserve milk for long periods of time even if in a form different from its original liquid one.

And there are hundreds of different kinds of cheese (with different shape, texture, flavours) around the world. For it not only differs from one country, region or land to another, but cheese various kinds depend on the milk, mold, and fat used (among other factors) in the making of cheese. And the techniques applied in the processing, production, aging, and fermenting of the cheese all result in endless kinds of cheese.

Cheese is simply amazing in so many ways, and mostly because it is delicious and can easily be turned into a comfort food!

Baked Camembert -0224

Among many many other cheeses produced in le pays de fromages, and originating in Normandy (in northern France), Camembert is a delicious cheese that is rather creamy and salty, and rich in flavour.

Dedicated to all the cheese lovers out there, this melted Camembert recipe looks sophisticated even though it is a very easy way to prepare and serve cheese in a most impressive fashion.

Baked Camembert -0259



1 camembert cheese packed in its wooden case
a few green thyme springs
2 garlic cloves
sliced country bread, or any bread of your choice

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.
Unpack the camembert cheese by removing its plastic wrap and put the cheese back in its wooden case, uncovered.
Chop the thyme springs and one garlic cloves and use them to flavour the cheese.
with a sharp knife cut small cuts onto the top of the cheese and fill with themy springs and garlic. Wrap an oven-proof ribbon around the wooden case to prevent it from breaking open while cheese is baking (optional). Place the cheese on a baking tray covered with baking paper
Bake for about 15 – 20 minutes, it really depends on how ripe your cheese is.
meanwhile, toast the bread slices and wrap them with one garlic clove.                              Once the cheese is melted on the inside (it becomes really soft to the finger touch/ it gives to the finger pressure), remove from oven and serve right away with the garlic breads.

Bon Appétit!