pear almond torte

pear & almond tart0026

Pears and almonds are a match made in heaven. They go so well together that it is almost impossible to get the flavours wrong. Add cinnamon to the formula and well, what more can I say?

To be quite honest, I was not planning on making any tortes this week but since we had far too many pears, delicious ones, at home, I was worried they would perish before we get the time to actually eat them, it felt bad to waste these precious fruits when there was a torte that could be baked 🙂

Ingredients are simple and recipe is super easy to follow.

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almond & milk pudding

There must be a thousand ways to enjoying almonds, a sacred nut in different mediterranean and central-asian cultures. From nibbling immature green almonds dipped in nothing but salt (a most delightful treat) to using them in dessert making and even stew cooking, possibilities are endless! And it can be as simple as a one-ingredient recipe. For instance, ice-cold blanched almonds is a favourite yummy Lebanese mezze. As for me personally, I tend to use almonds in most of my cooking and my pantry is never short of them (you can check my previous almond recipes for more almond inspiration 🙂

I hope you get to try making this pudding as it is so easy to prepare and is incredibly yummy. And you can always prepare it ahead of time and keep it refrigerated till ready to serve.