aubergine & kashk

Having prepared this recipe, or a few others before, definitely does not qualify me as an expert in Persian cuisine. However, i can call myself, with much confidence, a big fan of this beautiful cuisine. The rich and diverse ingredients tell the story of the historically and culturally enchanting times the Persian cuisine must have gone through and i’m  looking forward for more adventures preparing other recipes in the near future (i’ve already got a short list of the food that i would like to try).

Kashk is a type of a traditionally sun-dried yogurt used in the Persian cuisine as well in other ones, sometimes with a different name. And when i first came across this aubergine and kashk recipe, the sound of it reminded me a lot of a beautiful appetiser dish that we used to love eating at a small Turkish restaurant back in Dubai. So i was intrigued to try this one out. And not only this recipe did not disappoint, it simply exceeded my expectations for it is so delicious that i can’t even wait to prepare it again real soon. And i can tell you that i’m so happy to share it with you today, and i do hope that you will give it a try.

It is just worth noting that, being me, i lightly modified the ingredients and method of preparation from the ones in the original recipe in a way that made more sense to me, but i kept the original spirit and the great taste of the dish untouched.