date & nut balls


Sometimes, all we really need is an old fashioned recipe that is easy to make yet rich in taste and texture (oh well, maybe in calories too!). And these beautiful date & nut calls are exactly what is needed today.

I first came across the idea of date balls many (and I mean many) years ago when I was still a student in elementary school. Only then I remember the teacher calling them “Hnayneh”, or something like that, and they contained butter-sautéed bread crumbs instead of the nuts. Till this day, I still remember how tasty they were.

Unfortunately however, I don’t know where these beautiful little bites originate from as it seems this recipe, or variations of it, can be found in different Arab countries.Recipe


75 g shelled pistachio
75 g almonds
200 g stoned dates
1 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp shredded coconuts, for coating
Some extra olive oil

  • Pour all ingredients, except for the shredded coconuts, in a food processor and process until mixture becomes ground and crumbly.
  • Using your bare hands, a bit covered with olive oil, take a small spoonful of the mixture and shape it into small balls. Once all balls have been made, you can opt to either serve them plain or coat them with some shredded coconuts. They can be served right away. Keep the remaining ones in an airtight container.

Tip: for a richer taste & texture, roast the nuts before processing them along with the      dates.

Bon Appétit!

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