Itch, or, as differently written sometimes, eech, is the Armenian spicier version of the Lebanese tabbouleh. I recall falling in love with this salad years ago when I had some for the first time at a Lebano-Armenian restaurant here in Dubai. And what can I say, it was love at first taste!

The recipe is quite easy to make, yet the salad is amazingly rich in flavours, and it will leave you wanting more. There might be different recipes out there for how to prepare this mouth-watering treat, and if you have not tried itch before, I really think you should. For simply itch salad is divine! I’m quite happy to share this recipe here today (love the cumin, an ingredient that beautifully goes with bulgur).  In other words, Itch is a must try.


date & nut balls


Sometimes, all we really need is an old fashioned recipe that is easy to make yet rich in taste and texture (oh well, maybe in calories too!). And these beautiful date & nut calls are exactly what is needed today.

I first came across the idea of date balls many (and I mean many) years ago when I was still a student in elementary school. Only then I remember the teacher calling them “Hnayneh”, or something like that, and they contained butter-sautéed bread crumbs instead of the nuts. Till this day, I still remember how tasty they were.

Unfortunately however, I don’t know where these beautiful little bites originate from as it seems this recipe, or variations of it, can be found in different Arab countries. (more…)

chickpea and bulgur salad


I’m so happy to finally get back to the blog and to be able to share with you a new post. Even though, a short one. The last few weeks have been so busy and hectic that I hardly got the chance for any proper blogging or sharing new recipes, despite all the ideas that I would really really love to share with you…Hopefully soon!

Left with some extra cooked chickpeas, it was time to make some hummus salad (hummus is the arabic word for chickpeas) using some simple and fresh ingredients already available at home. This salad is so yummy and will make you feel happy…oh wait, is not it what healthy comfort food is all about? 🙂

Give it a try when you can, and drop me a line, or two, or more ;), and let me know what you think!